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10-day National Parks Tour

National animal



This tour (with our partner Amordo Tours and Safaris) starts and ends in Arusha, in the northeastern region of the country. You will be taken to national parks in search of fantastic birds, in addition to excellent opportunities to view some of the country’s vast amount of wildlife species.


10 days at a time that suits you.

Number of participants

Maximum of 7 participants, plus a single guide.


Please contact us for pricing.


Tanzania is an extremely diverse country filled with fantastic opportunities to explore the natural environment and any and all species that thrive within these environments.

What species can be spotted?

Some of the species to be encountered on this tour are: Crowned-Hawk Eagle, Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, Yellow-throated sandgrouse, Nubian woodpecker, Common nightingale, Yellow-collared lovebird, Northern white-bellied bustard, Ashy starling and Palm nut vulture to name a few.

This is a guide only – our tours can be modified to suit your needs. Just ask us and we can make changes to accommodate your desires.

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