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Southeast Arizona

“The Roadrunner Tour”

State bird

Cactus Wren


We will start and conclude in Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona, with travels to the Huachuca and Santa Rita mountains.


April 8th – 18th 2023

Number of participants

Maximum of 6 participants, plus one guide.


$2200 USD


Our guided tour will visit some of southeast Arizona’s most sought after birding locations, from the the highest peak in the Santa Catalina mountains (Mount Lemmon) to Madera Canyon in the Coronado National Forest.

Arizona is filled with spectacular desert landscapes, in addition to a mix of habitats from the urban fringe to the high mountains. We will minimize our walking distances as best as possible to maximize our birding opportunities closer to the vehicle.

What species can be spotted?

Some of the species to be encountered on this tour are: Greater roadrunner (our personal favorite), Gilded flicker, Phainopepla, Cactus wren (state bird and largest wren in the United States), Curve-billed thrasher, Verdin, Pyrruloxia, an assortment of flycatchers, Western bluebird, Pygmy nuthatch, Painted Redstart, Red-faced warbler, Hepatic tanager, Red crossbill, Harris’ hawk and an abundance of hummingbirds (Broad-tailed, Anna’s, Broad-billed, Black-chinned are among the regular sightings), in addition to a chance to spot the magnificent Elegant trogon.

This is a guide only – our tours can be modified to suit your needs.

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