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Roadrunner Birding Tours offers top-notch birding excursions led by experts to explore the world’s birds (including Greater and Lesser Roadrunner) in their natural habitats. Browse our scheduled tours and contact us today.

Your Birding Journey Starts With Us!


Welcome! We are a birding company that was created with a passion for sharing the natural world with others. We spend our free time doing exactly what we do on tours: birding, exploring and appreciating the great outdoors and all its flora and fauna! We grew up as backyard birders and that expanded into a general birding passion. With backgrounds in Conservation Biology we have worked on avian projects around the world, ranging from species re-introductions and migratory hawk counts in the United States to population censusing and evolutionary biology research in Australia. We are based in New Zealand and travel extensively guiding and birdwatching. We absolutely love chatting with our guests and sharing stories.

Western United States: Common Nighthawk perched on a fence post, Wyoming.

Birding Natural Habitats

Birdwatching (and the myriad of habitats encountered whilst birding) showcases the great outdoors in all its glory – where would you like to go? Let us know!

Upcoming Birding Tours

From our home in New Zealand over to Australia, Asia and beyond! We have many birdwatching hotspots and we are happy to guide you!

North Island, New Zealand: Australasian Gannet colony, Muriwai Beach
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