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15-day National Parks and Important Bird Areas Tour

National bird

Southern Lapwing


This tour (with our partner Birding With Me) takes you all around the country to 13 destinations that include every national park and the most remarkable Important Bird Areas. We will bird in all the different environments throughout the territory, stay in a variety of accommodations (boutique hotels, estancias and family ranches) and taste the traditional meals of each region. The maximum counting for this tour has been 250 bird species.


15 days (or shorter, if preferable) at a time that suits you.

Number of participants

Maximum of 10 participants, plus a single guide.


Please contact us for pricing.


Uruguay is a small country that is overlooked by many people. It is located between Brazil and Argentina and provides an ideal location for a birding tour with over 400 species in the country with many fewer visitors than its neighbors.

What species can be spotted?

Some of the species to be encountered on this tour are: Greater rhea, Diademed tanager, Saffron-cowled blackbird, Long-winged harrier, Straight-billed reedhaunter, Black-and-White monjita, Speckled rail, Marsh seedeater, Chilean flamingo, Brown cacholote, Mottled piculet, Crane hawk, Burrowing owl, Red-rumped cacique, Southern screamer.

This is a guide only – our tours can be modified to suit your needs.

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