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Crested Caracara | Photo Credit: Sue Milks

Central California (September 28th – October 8th)

Northern Australia (October 14th – 30th)

New Zealand (December 5th – 21st)

New Caledonia (December 9th – 14th | Optional extension to Fiji from December 14th – 19th)


Nine-banded Armadillo | Photo Credit: Sue Milks

Urban Birding Series: Singapore (January 3rd-13th)

South Texas (January 11th – 17th)

South Florida (March 10th – 19th)

Southeast Arizona (April 7th – 12th)

Western Australia (July 10th – 18th)

Borneo & Peninsular Malaysia (August 14th – 28th)

We will be adding new tours on a regular basis. Please contact us if you have a specific region you want to explore and we can create an itinerary for your journey.

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